ABOUT WorldWide Alliance

  • Who We Are

    Founded in 2007, the WorldWide Alliance is made up of 15 members who are single handedly chosen for their leadership and extensive experience as the strongest neutral LCL providers in their respective markets. With more than 5,100 employees working in 184 offices in more than 75 countries, you can expect premium global coverage and support.

    WWA has coverage across 6 continents and continues to expand its presence to cover our customers' needs. Based in Chatham, New Jersey, USA, the team is made up of approximately 5,100 employees from over 75 different countries. Currently we are 15 members working from 184 offices and offer over 2500 direct weekly LCL export services.

    WorldWide Alliance offers :
    • Faster transit time through more Direct Services
    • More Direct Services than any other operator in the market
    • Guaranteed route and service guidelines
    • Multiple weekly services from same origin
    • Neutrality
    • Innovation
    • Strong global presence
    • Engaged ownership
    • Our culture and our people
    • E-Commerce
    • Integration products
    • Sailing Schedule (including trans-shipments)
    • Stability and service excellence

    The WWA brand represents the promise that wherever you are in the world, the WorldWide Alliance network is there to guarantee you a smooth shipping experience.

    WWA members that provide services to or from the United States are licensed or registered with the US Federal Maritime Commission (“FMC”), as required. WWA members that are not licensed or registered with the FMC may act as disclosed agents on behalf of the licensed or registered WWA members, in accordance with the applicable laws and regulations.

  • The Mission

    Following our view to keep our service personal, simple and cost-effective, the WorldWide Alliance provides seamless global international transportation solutions, all under ONE umbrella.

  • The Product

    WorldWide Alliance offers global ocean services as our key product however we also offer a variety of Value-Added Services including: warehousing, pick up and deliveries, and innovative IT solutions. WWA constantly improves and enhances our product to be the best in the industry.

  • The Focus

    • Neutrality
    • Large multinational freight forwarders & small/medium-sized freight forwarders
    • 98% is forwarder cargo, with some routed business
    • Not participating in direct shipper tenders
    • Consolidations - our key product
    • Constantly improving and enhancing our LCL product to forwards (technology, cargo handling, coverage and value-adds)
    • Ensuring our platform can become your platform
  • The Key Business Benefits

    • Guaranteed route and service guidelines
    • Fast transit times through more direct services
    • Competitive rates based on direct services
    • Less handling of freight in gateways
    • Less chance of cargo damage
    • Improved service platform to sell your customers
    • Global claims handling
    • Full visibility via online shipment tracking
    • Simplifying booking process and information flow
    • Predictable performance
    • Global statistics with global spend analysis
    • Fully ready EDI integration
    • E-Commerce tools
    • Global credit agreement
  • Sustainability

    WWA is a proud member of Smart Freight Centre’s ‘Clean Cargo Working Group’ – the leading forum for sustainability in the cargo shipping industry. Smart Freight Centre is an international non-profit organization focused on reducing greenhouse gas emission from freight transportation. Smart Freight Centre’s goal is to guide the global logistics industry to track and reduce its GHG emissions by 1 billion tons by 2030 and reach zero emissions by 2050 or earlier. They collaborate with global partners to quantify impacts, identify solutions, and advocate logistics decarbonization strategies. Through the ‘Clean Cargo Working Group’ as a proud partner WWA aim to further develop its sustainable business strategies and solutions.

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